Monday, May 19, 2008

My latest collection - Wedding Bears

Just got my latest collection from Jeanette Crews - Wedding Bears by Alma Lynne. It is all about wedding. I ordered it through 1-2-3 (USA). Incredibly, the delivery took only 2 weeks.

I am going to stitch this lovely chart - "We became as one" and make it a pouch or a small hand beg.

Will share with you the progress... hopefully I can finish it by June.


annalynwong said...

I Love Bears...anything with Bears...just so cute to have Bears as collections :)

SeokMay said...

Hi Annalyn,

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, me too. I love bears, anything to do with bears. One of my wishes is to own a shop that sell everything that is related to bear.

As long there are bears design cross stitch, either books or magazines, I will buy all of them.

And now, I am collecting cross stitch magazines that has Forever Friends chart.