Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trekkies show their loyalty in style at movie tie-in

Apart from Cross Stitching, I would also like to share something special about my family... about Star Trek. Read full article. Article from TheStar newspaper.
Picture taken during Star Trek 2009 movie preview in OneUtama Mall

This picture taken when my son, Riker Si at 7 months old (year 2005). My husband and Riker were in USS Enterprise full uniform.
This is Seven Si. Seven is 7 months with her Startship Voyager, and her uniform too.

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Cat said...

Hi May,

I was so amused to see this because its such a small world here in Klang Valley! (a.k.a Richard & MSSF)

Hubby surfed & asked me to check out ur blog because of my cross stitching hobby but we didnt make the connection until I stumbled on this article!

Btw,was wondering if there are any Star Trek, Star Wars cross stitch designs available in Malaysia.

During the latest Star Trek movie Premiere in 2009, my hubby, Kwan was the photographer for MSSF with Richard, Allen etc. :)