Monday, December 13, 2010

How much is DMC thread - Part 2

Many thanks for the feedback. For easy reference, I have reconciled all comments in one page. RM1.40-RM1.50 per skein is the current price selling in Malaysia.

RM1.40 to RM1.45 in Subang and Petaling Jaya

It's RM1.50 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

In Netherlands, a skein cost 1.35 from the store. However I buy DMC on the Internet for 36 cents a skein.
1.35 ANG = 2.38 MYR

Lady of Leisure:
I used to buy it for RM0.40 each DMC skeins ages ago.

I bought it at RM0.50 when I just started cross-stitching about 15 years ago. I remember the label was in gold colour with black colour coding. I still have those in my collection anyway. It costs RM1.40 per skein in Ipoh now.

Here in Seri Iskandar, Peark, I can still find some shops sell DMC thread around RM1.30-1.40. Some shops in Sitiawan sell at RM1.50

In Melbourne DMC thread selling for AUD0.89, about RM2.70

RM1.50 in Bangi. Back in 2005, it was RM1.10 when I was in Kuching

Phuong Vy
Here in Vietnam one DMC skein is 5000 to 5500 VND now (a little over 1/4 USD). It used to be only 3700 VND per skein just a year ago :(

5500 VND = 0.883556 MYR

its rm1.00 to rm1.20 in kulim,kedah

Where can I find cheaper the RM1.50 per skein?


Linda said...

apparently, the price has been increased to RM1.80 / skein

Villa said...

its rm1.00 to rm1.20 in kulim,kedah.

Dorothy Pei Yee said...

in Switzerland CHF2.20 per skein = RM6.60 per skein

WMK said...

Hi. May i know where can i get it for RM1.40 to RM1.50?