Friday, May 30, 2008

Tiger for a good friend farewell

Martin Farfan (an Argentina guy, beside him is my colleague- Uma) was my mentor, my trusted friend, my counselor when I first joined Shell. We were working closely together in the Software Management / Compliance areas.

For me, I find him simple; a guy that willing to share anything about his personal life, his work principles, and even his lunch. I’ve learned a lot from him especially the way he valued friendship.

Sadly, after a year later, his contract has come to end. He decided to move on his career to Oman.

I remember he told me once during our interview session, that he is passionate about Tiger.

Before he left Malaysia, we had a farewell party. I stitched him a Tiger chart and framed with the Royal Selangor pewter photo frame.

Later I received his call, he told me that he is very grateful, and couldn’t believed that I still remember about the Tiger he told me .... Hah…

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