Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet Micky at Amcorp Mall, Flee Market

If you are looking for Cross Stitch kits or charts, you can now look for Micky at Amcorp Mall - Flee Market (every Sat and Sun). She has full range of charts, cross stitch kits, handmade curtain, etc, selling at the very reasonable price. Probably you can ask for discount if you buy more :)

You may contact Micky at her mobile: 012- 4142454

Jade Rabbit, I am not sure whether the cross stitch shop in Endah Parade, Sri Petaling still in there, but someone told me that the House of Cross Stitch no longer operate in Endah Parade.

Can anyone confirm?


Christine said...

The House of Cross Stitch had closed down for more about 6 years. The owner is now running food court inside Endah Parade.

SeokMay said...

Thanka Christine. Very interesting.. from Corss Stitch to Food business..puzzle.

Your blog is amazing. I love all your projects.. very nice. I wish I have the Japaneses Magazine Book Stitch Idées or Sutichi Idées Vol.10 :) It is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Seok May and Christine, thanks for your update. I got my kits at Ampang Park already. Thanks again.

Jade Rabbit

nizacraft said...

Hi there,

If anyone looking for cross stitch kit with reasonable price, feel free to drop to my web. or


Micky said...

Dear SeokMay, thanks for featuring me in your blog. Really appreciate it n hope it will bring lots of cross stitch lovers 2 Amcorp Mall. Micky

rekha8882003 said...

Hi SeokMay, thank you very much for all the information you have on your blog. its really very helpful for people like me. i have started to do cross stitch again. i had no idea where to get the kits in Puchong so i searched in google found ur blog together with all the details i need. Thank you again.
p/s : i really love the 28 breeds of dogs and a row of love. its wonderful, very nice. i have started searching for both of it hopefully can get it soon.... :)


Cross Knit Peperry said...

Hi Rekha,

You may try go to as below shop to find it.

Knit N Craft Centre (formerly known as Pusat Kraftangan Ann Branch)

# Sign Board will show as DMC Creative World #

12G, Jalan Puteri 5/1
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Sel
Tel: 03-80631253
(close on Sunday)

or may you have look at FB - Cross Knit Peperry

Whose people is looking for cross stitch kit also may go there to find it.

From : Ching

Highland Monkey's said...

Gosh you got a few kits there to keep you going for a while. Happy stitching!

Cross stitch said...

you've got so much cross stitch designs, will you stitch them all? Thanks or the tip with the cross stitch shop.

SeokMay said...

Cross Stitch,

Good question. I wish I can do it all. Somehow, I feel good (self sastisfaction) when I 'flip' through the books/magazines/charts that I have. As if I have done it all (in my imagination, LOL).

No mater what, I will not stop stitching, and I will continue to buy and to add to my collection when I am still able.


SeokMay said...

Hi Highland Monkeys,

I love your Little Mickey Monkey.

I wish I can get one for my son. He loves soft toys especially Monkey. Probably because he was born in the year of Monkey - Chinese Horoscope.

Do you think is it possible? Can I order the Little Mickey Monkey from you?


Em said...

hi Micky,
do you have Margaret Sherry's chart ? Beside AmCorp flee market, where else can i find you ?

Okurimono ^.^ said...

Hi there,

We are the distributor for PINN-Stitch in Malaysia. Our products include sewing kits, cross stitch kits and crochet kits.
Do drop by our websites:

Have a nice day!

IEjAfrIzA nOrdIn said...
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IEjAfrIzA nOrdIn said...

Is market flee still there? If so, I would like to go there this weekend...

SeokMay said...

IEjAfrIzA nOrdIn,

The flea market is there every Sat and Sun.

You may contact Micky on her mobile: 012- 4142454 to check if she is setting her booth on that weekend before you go.