Friday, May 16, 2008

Ultimate Floral Cross Stitch for sale

I brought this book from MPH approximately RM90.00 for quite some years ago. But I am now letting it go at RM35. I treasure all my cross stitch books. They are all in excellent condition (no markings within). I don't mind if you would like to exchange any of your Cross Stitch book with this. I am glad too.

If you are interest or you wish you like to see the content of the book, feel free to drop me an email at, I can scan (some pages) and send it to you for viewing.

You can also check out the Singapore eBay, one of the seller, selling it for S$16 (Approximate RM40).

Below are some write up of the book:

Ultimate Floral Cross Stitch has something for everyone, whether you are new to cross stitch or are an experienced stitcher looking for a challenge. Packed with exciting projects, this book covers virtually everything, from cushions to greeting cards, wedding table accessories to trinket boxes, all following a beautiful floral theme.

(Front) (Back)
Product Details
Large hard-back publications.
Book is in brand new condition.
Has a hard cover. 256 pages.

*Wide range of delightful cross stitch designs.
*East to follow charts for every project.
*Beautiful photography illustrates each design.
*Basic techniques and stitches clearly explained.
*Useful advise for finishing and making up.


Anonymous said...

hi, just wondering, is the book still for sale? interested in buying if it still is. Love flowery cross stitch

SeokMay said...

Hi there,

I must say, it is a very beautiful book. Yes, the book is still available for sale. Are you from Malaysia? If yes, are you staying wihtin Klang Valley?

The book is hard cover and it is kind of heavy. If I would mail it to you, the postal maybe costly.

Let me know how to get in touch with you...


Nisa said...

Hi May, I'm also wondering if this book has no buyer yet. I'm ready to purchase if available. You can contact me at
Thanks a bunch

balkhis said...

i guess the book is Sold now..but still trying my it still available? hehehe... (crossing my finger) ...wondering if u have more up for 2nd hand sale =) Tq for sharing.