Friday, October 15, 2010

How much is DMC thread - Part 1

25 years back when I started cross stitching in 1980's, DMC thread was only sold at 65cents each. And today, unbelievable the price has raised to RM1.20 each. I am sure, it is tough for some to spend that amount of money just for a thread. Easily you will need more than RM20 worth of threads just for a mini project.

I remember there was quite a wide range of thread selling in Malaysia in the past. As you can see, I have collection of Anchor, Cosmo, Minlon (local brand) and of course DMC thread. But now, I hardly see any shop selling Anchor and Cosmo threads. I guess the demand for Anchor and Cosmo are lesser if compared to DMC. Mostly the charts and patterns are now designed with DMC threads.

In the picture, you can see the price tag of DMC thread showing RM1.10, and that was last year old stock. I wonder how much is DMC thread selling outside Klang Valley.

Metallic threads cost around RM3.90-RM7.90 and could be higher as I bought these many years back.


Vinniey said...

RM1.40 to RM1.45 in Subang and Petaling Jaya.

SeokMay said...

I can't believe it! If that is the case, I have to quikly stock up some at price RM1.20.

Can you imagine, RM1.40-RM1.45 per DMC thread could be already a meal for the poor one. And here, we are talking about a colour thread!

Vinniey said...

May I know which shop still selling RM1.20 per skein? I bought DMC full range last few weeks ago. :(

Dina said...

It's RM1.50 here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. These DMC floss are so pricey - luckily I still keep my old ones from 1988! So my collection of floss is quite decent now. The price is the same as in but without the shipping charges. Howver, not all colours are available here.

Wendy said...

here in the Netherlands, a skein cotst 1,35 in the store.
however,I buy DMC on the internet, for 36 cents a skein.
have to add shipping to that of course, but I know 14 skeins kan be shipped for only 88 cents of shipping.
that is within the Netherlands of course.
I would check out if you can buy DMC on the internet, perhaps on Ebay ?

with these prices it is worth a try.
sorry, but I do not know the conversion from euro to your currenty, but that you can surely find on the internet aswell.

and, there are a lot conversion list to be found to convert different brands of thread to DMC, of Anchor, or even other brands.maybe those can help you out aswell ?

Lady of Leisure said...

I used to buy it for RM0.40 each DMC skeins ages ago. Anyway, if we compare to the price in Netherlands, we have it a lot cheaper in Malaysia. Using a simple conversion rate of EUR1 to RM4, Wendy needs to pay an equivalent of RM5.40 per skein!

Christine said...

I bought it at RM0.50 when I just started cross-stitching about 15 years ago. I remember the label was in gold color with black color coding. I still have those in my collection anyway.It costs RM1.40 per skein in Ipoh now.

Yati said...

Here in Seri Iskandar, Perak, I can still find some shops sells DMC thread around RM1.30-RM1.40 Some shops in Sitiawan sells at RM1.50

Karen said...

In Melbourne DMC thread selling for A$0.89, ie about RM2.70.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please help me... i am looking to buy dmc thread but so many shops dun sell it anymore at jln. tunku abdul rahman, kl.. (whr i used to buy, err... ages ago...)

any shops in kl, i stay at jln kuching, nearby kepong area...

-fizA- said...

RM 1.50 in Bangi..

Back in 2005, it was RM 1.10 when i was in Kuching..

zaff said...

hai. erm i was wondering, do you take any order to do cross stitching for customers. because i was thinking of giving my friend a cushion pillow cover with koala bear picture on it as her birthday present. but i dont know how to cross sticth. so i was wondering if you could help me, or if you know someone that could help me.

Ling Sze said...

Hi...I am a beginner in cross-stitching and from Penang. Can anyone advise on where to get those cross-stitching materials here?

Phuong Vy said...

Here in Vietnam one DMC skein is 5000 to 5500 VND now (a little over 1/4 USD). It used to be only 3700 VND per skein just a year ago :(

Anonymous said...

emm..i just bought one for RM1.80 at a shop in amp park..impulsively for a new hobby..huhu should hv check elsewhere first

BalkisMR said...

Bangi = RM1.70 now :(
can buy roti canai telur.

Jacqueline Wong said...

Penang RM1.80

Can someone please tell where can I get DMC or any other 'snow-white' thread? I bot tons of DMC Blanc, only to realize that it is creamier/beige and close to the color of my cloth.. Argh!


Jacqueline Wong said...

To Ling Sze:

Sin Seng Lee in Penang Road and Sin Soon Lee in Rangoon Road


ariena said...

anyone from shah alam???
where to buy the DMC yaa?

Sandy said...

I just went to find DMC threads at the haberdashery somewhere in Taman Muda, Cheras. OMG I can't believe it's RM1.80 now (the last time I bought single threads were 2 years ago, something like RM1.40 only)! Got a shock, so I only bought 2 white ones (that's what I need so far). Asked the aunty for discount, she gave me 10 sen only (better than nothing :p). She said if I get like 10 skeins she can give RM1.60 each. Don't know true or not. And then I called Lily Handicraft (Sg. Wang) and Haby & Wools (Ampang Park), both said RM1.80 without discount unless I buy like 100 skeins! I almost fainted.

And by the way I found this pretty cool blog with proper addresses of the craft stores.
SeokMay you can use this to update my previous, really old post ;)

Hope this helps. And I'd like to stock up too if there really are RM1.20 threads. Just need to find out whereeeeeee........ Where ya?

Jacqueline Wong said...

Yupz, I believe they would extend the discount. Recently, I bought more than 40 skeins and they only give me 10 cents discount for each... Argh..

Guess is worth it, especially when the final work is completed and framed.. ahhhhhh.. the sense of satisfaction.

Anyway, if anyone out there knows of a shop that still sell these items with a decent price, do share with us.

Anonymous said...

I just came bk fr visiting a shop in SS2.
Oh wow, seems to me tat things are rather pricy.
A tomato-shaped pin cushion costed RM7.80!
On a comforting note,the store sells Anchor
Threads and it costs RM1.30 per skein.

Nearly a decade ago, Anchor threads tend to
fray easily. Now, it seems tat DMC has tat prob..

Can someone share their thoughts with me on this topic?


dbgvt said...

Hi another shop in Penang to add on the list.

Kedai Alat-Alat Jahitan Youmei
6B-G Jalan Rumbia
Sungai Nibong Kecil (opp Bkt Jambul Complex)
Bayan Lepas
Tel: 012-4989 764

My personal recommendation for friends in Penang is to visit Youmei and Sin Soon Lee (in Rangoon Rd). They have a vast selection of items, prices are reasonable, owner/staff is knowledgeable and helpful with tips.

And a bonus is that Youmei closes at 9pm, whereas Sin Soon Lee 6-6.30pm


Farah Hani Abdul Rahim said...

There's a shop on ground floor, PKNS, Bandar Baru Bangi that sells DMC for RM1.70. Is there a way to purchase them online so we can get lower prices?

Anonymous said...

RM 1.70 in Knit N Craft Centre (formerly known as Pusat Kraftangan Ann Branch)- # Sign Board show as DMC Creative World #

12G, Jalan Puteri 5/1
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Sel
Tel: 03-80631253
(close on Sunday)

if want shop go online may look at FB - Cross Knit Pepery

Lyssa Ngan said...

OMG, the shop i asked last sat, charged me RM1.80 per dmc thread...i wonder now whether i cld afford this hobby !! sob sob..

rose said...

im regular customer at one of the shop in seremban. usually i bought the thread for rm 1.30 but yesterday they sell to me at rm 1.70. i was shock n angry. i try to find at other shop they still sell for rm 1.50. im looking for a good price somewhere

Anonymous said...

anyone know where can buy cross stitch in JB??

Jacqueline Wong said...

There's one in Johor Jaya, opposite Hong Kong Boy Restaurant.

Anonymous said...

RM1.80 in bahau, negeri sembilan...can buy 1 milo ais

Anonymous said...

RM1.80 in bahau, negeri about if you use more than 100 colour per design...and one coluour need more than 1 thread....i just spend more than
RM400 per design...why this dmc thread so expensive now???

Anonymous said...

Knit N Craft Centre (formerly known as Pusat Kraftangan Ann Branch)

Now open 7 days
Bussiness Hours:
Mon-fri 10am-8pm
Sat 10am-7pm
Sun 10.30am-3.00pm

Pls keep as record... Sure with all of you !

Anonymous said...

FB Cross Knit Peperry the DMC Thread price as :
RM 1.70 for below 50skeins
RM 1.65 for above 50skeins
RM 1.60 for above 100skeins
RM 1.55 for above 150skeins
RM 1.50 for above 200skeins

Jasper said...

Hello to all, I am Bobby and a hobbyist myself. I started doing cross stitching back bout 2 years ago and had stopped cos have no more interest. As I thought back and restarted just 1 month ago, the price per one piece of dmc thread cost RM1.80 and back then was at RM 1.60. I was surprise to see the increase, and it was crazy. I am trying to get connections with either of you as all of you are doing the same hobby. My registered company is a hobby company, so i may need your guys sharing. anything from you.

Anonymous said...

Bought for rm1.60 per skein from an online supplier from johor.. hard to find dmc thread in melaka.. in sg there is a shop called "spotlight" selling sgd0.80 per skein.. about rm2 in convert..

Siang Cheng Wong said...
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Wen said...

Just bought some DMC over the weekend in Penang Island. RM1.80 per skein, but I got more than 10 skeins, I got a discount and paid RM1.70 per skein.

Christine said...

I am able to get it at RM1.50 per skein. Do let me know if you would like to get my help to purchase it.

Anonymous said...

Hai, i'm Lucky. Im currently clearing my stock. Im selling each DMC floss for RM1.50 only. Contact me to order ( call/ watsapp): 01139331925

Anonymous said...

Hello i just bought set of threads n cloth. The threads is rm2 per skein and the cloth is rm23/meter.... pls let me know if theres cheaper price n location tqvm

Angelina Chin said...

May i know your address?