Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free Chart - Prosperity

Prosperity also known as Fu (in Mandarin Language), Fook (in Cantonese Dialect) and Hock (in Hokkien Dialect). Many Chinese believe that by having Fu hanging/displaying in the house is a symbol of bringing success to the family, especially in financial aspects it brings good fortune. Also, Fu is often use during Chinese New Year. You can find many greeting cards, red packets, lanterns, posters, pillow covers, pastry, paper cut, accessories etc. with character Fu.
Some would write or hang the Fu character upside down (reversed). It means "Fu Tao" - good fortune is 'arriving'. As you can see in my previous posting, I have stitched the revered Fu as a gift to my confinement lady.

I will never thought someone would like to have my design, and of course I would glad to share it to anyone who loves to stitch one.

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Stitching@HLR said...

Thanks a lot for this chart and for the explanations about "Fu".