Friday, October 15, 2010

How much is DMC thread - Part 1

25 years back when I started cross stitching in 1980's, DMC thread was only sold at 65cents each. And today, unbelievable the price has raised to RM1.20 each. I am sure, it is tough for some to spend that amount of money just for a thread. Easily you will need more than RM20 worth of threads just for a mini project.

I remember there was quite a wide range of thread selling in Malaysia in the past. As you can see, I have collection of Anchor, Cosmo, Minlon (local brand) and of course DMC thread. But now, I hardly see any shop selling Anchor and Cosmo threads. I guess the demand for Anchor and Cosmo are lesser if compared to DMC. Mostly the charts and patterns are now designed with DMC threads.

In the picture, you can see the price tag of DMC thread showing RM1.10, and that was last year old stock. I wonder how much is DMC thread selling outside Klang Valley.

Metallic threads cost around RM3.90-RM7.90 and could be higher as I bought these many years back.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cross Stitch books - Bible Versus & Scriptures

Received enquiry from my blog reader:

"Hi, could you recommend any xstitch books that have nice bible verses or bible scripture patterns? Thanks"

My reply:
I believe there are lots of cross stitch books out there that have nice bible verses or bible scripture patterns, sharing some of my collections, and web links for your reference.

  • Best Loved Hymns - Leisure Arts

  • The Road Ahead - Imaginating (I bought this for only RM1.00)

Web links
Christian Cross Stitch
Christian Cross Stich Patterns & Kits from 123 Stitch
The Holy Needle
Nordic Needle:Religious

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Collections – Books and Books

Coming to year end, it is time to collect more books J Hooray… RM1000 income tax relief for books and magazines. Hehe, nothing other than Cross Stitch books and magazines for me.

Whenever I buy Cross Stitch books/magazines, my son will definitely asked "Mummy, are you sure you want to buy this book? I don't think you have time to stitch all these…". Yes, he got it right. I really can't find time to stitch. I am a Fulltime worker and housewife. Day in day out, same routine. Work has never end, and house is always messy with toys everywhere. Dirty dishes and clothes waiting for me… Sigh, 24 hours a day is just too little. But no matter what, nothing can stop me from buying Cross Stitch books/magazines when I see them. I just can't resist, even though I have tons of Cross Stitch books/magazines line up and waiting for me to flip in my bookshelves.

Went PayLess Book warehouse sales and Amcorp Mall last week… hoohoo. Here you go…

Now I am in the mood of Crochet and Knitting. Order this from Mayfair Handicraft online. I am very happy with their fast service. Thanks Vinniey J