Monday, September 26, 2011

More goose coming up

Can't wait to post this as soon as I have it framed.

Taken from Cross Stitcher Issue October 2005, pg. 56.

The original design was cater for Christmas, however I slightly changed part of the design so it fit for all seasons.

Interestingly, as I stitch, somehow I just keeping stitching more and more goose/geese...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Rooster - my sceret friend

This design was taken from Cross Stitch Collection Issue 81 Aug 2002, pg 35-36.
Design a house shape border to fit into the design.
 Framed it in my 5 X 5 inch of little frame.
Adorable rooster. Chinese Horoscope believe, person who born in year of Rooster has a flamboyant personality, feisty and obstinate. Outwardly confident, the Rooster is also a trustworthy, hardworking individual.  

And for me, born in year of Dragon, in Chinese Horoscope, Rooster is Dragon's best friend. By having figure of Roosters, it would enhance Dragon's luck. Believe it or not? :)
I am looking for more Roosters cross stitch design. Any recommendation?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I got it, finally...

"Failure will never overtake if determination to succeed is strong enough" Og Mandino quotes.

After searching in every bookshops, magazine store in the town, out of KL from north to south, called Kinokuniya in Singapore, checking in every website... until to the magazine distributor... followed up week after week and finally... tang tang... I GOT IT, with the original price, not 1 cent extra I paid.

My kids are happy for me too...
Now, it has become my daughter book. She is asking for it every nights. Love it.
Thanks Linda for the support.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Panda - symbol of peace

This design was taken from D&C Oriental Odyssey.
In order to fit the design into the ready frame, I have to change the design slightly from rectangle to square. To make the Panda stand out, I decided to remove all the background, leaving only 2 bamboos that holds by Panda and added the word 'Peace' (pronounce as Aun in Mandarin). See the difference in the picture below.
The reason I chose Panda and the word 'Peace' because Pandas gives me a feeling of cute and cuddling in appearance yet they are very strong. Chinese describes Panda as an invincible animal, as strong as a tiger. Panda thought to be a gentle animal, as it was never observed to hurt man or beast. To this day, Panda continue to be a symbol of peace. Guess what, Aun was also my father last name... stitched the word Aun in the memories of him.