Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Birth Sampler with DIY frame

Finished this design for quite some time ago. However, did not managed to frame it, until last week went to Ikea, and found this lovely frame. Coincidentally, the design fit into the frame perfectly.

After framed, I looked at the wooden frame for quite a while... hmm... its purely white. I was contemplating whether to keep it white, and should I put some colour on it.... And somehow, I unconsciously started painting on the frame using cotton buds.

First I started with red flowers, then a blue sky. Next sun ray and birds in the blue sky.

A bird house, kites, red button mushroom and rocks...

Tang tang, my final masterpiece

Should I just keep the frame the original white?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Anchor vs DMC - where and how much

Eelaine Boo: hi, does anyone know where can i get Anchor threads in KL area?

May: Eelaine, nowadays it is quite hard to find a shop that selling Anchor threads. You might want to try Craft World in SS2. If worst come to worst, you probably want to drive up to Penang to visit Rewon Cottage. But before you go, give them a call and check if they do have Anchor threads in the shop : 04-3975055.

In my personal opinion, i do not suggest mixing of DMC and Anchor in one design.. it just looks funny. Anyone would like to comment/share your experience?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birth Sampler for Sharon's little baby, Jerron

Can't think of any better gift than my very own handmade cross stitch as the gift for Sharon at Jerron full moon party.

Seven little finger pointed at the baby and told me that she loves baby and she wants baby :)

Simple and meaningful.