Monday, October 5, 2009

A good bargain at Amcorp Mall flea market

Yesterday was a good shopping bargain experience at Amcorp Mall weekend flea market. I am so happy that I managed to grab 2 Cross Stitch magazines - past issues for only RM9.90 each (approximately USD2.5 each), Crafting Cross Stitch Cards by Sue Cook for only RM29.90. Normally, this type of books selling at RM100 or above in bookstore. You won't believe that the book is 100% brand new, what more it binded with hard cover.
It was a bright sunny day. When we reached Amcorp Mall, it was almost noon, and the car parks were full. We took quite sometimes looking for a car park and finally we found one at the end of the lots. As we entering the mall, we saw the crowd, stalls, line up from the front of the entrance to the mall, floor after floor.
I was so excited and quietly told my husband that "I am going to ‘scan’ each and every stalls without missed, else I won’t leave the mall" :) I guess my luck was so good on that day. Not only books and magazines, I also found this little DIY Cross Stitch box that come with bear chart, floss, and a heart shape transparent box, selling for RM20 only. Wow... without any hesitation, I bought all the designs!
You can find all kinds of things like cloths, hand bags, toys, 2nd hand books, pastries, plants, accessories, electrical goods ‘spare’ parts, art and craft, etc in this flea market. Some selling collection items like jades, antique (vases/bowls/lamps), old stamps, special edition for toys, Audio CDs, and items that had discontinuous from production.
Initially, we thought just go for window shopping, 'look-see, look-see', that's all. But guess what, we ended up ‘shopping’ 3 ½ hours, bought 18 Hotweels cars for Riker, and Seven... finally 'surrender' in my husband arm.
Seven quietly slept in my husband's arm after 3 1/2 hours walk in the flea market. For me, I was too 'occupied' and 'obsessed' with all the Cross Stitch stuffs in my hand. LOL