Saturday, February 7, 2009

My new born - Seven Si Janeway

Finally, mission accomplished!

Our sweet baby girl was born on 17 01 09. As usual, a 'crazy' Star Trek fan like my husband surely named his children with Star Trek characters name :) My first boy, we named him Riker Si Tee Kirk (named after Commander Riker and Captain Kirk) from Star Trek Next Generation. Obviously, my daughter, will equally have her name named after Star Trek, hah ... Seven Si Janeway (named after Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway in Star Trek Voyager).

If you notice the date of birth; 17 01, the official registration number of Starship NCC1701.

We thank God for this wonderful gift. Of course with the help of my Gynea, Dr Ng Soon Pheng, I have successfully delivered Seven with no complication, though Seven only born on 36 weeks, but she is perfectly healthy.

I was thinking what to give to Dr Ng as a token of appreciation. The first thing came to my mind is Cross Stitch. Ya, why don't I stitch something for Dr Ng. So, right after I discharged from hospital (after 3 days admitted), immediately I start my cross stitch project, and have it finished within 2 weeks.

And so happened it was Dr Ng birthday.


Purpledee said...

Congratulations May! ~fr Wendee~

BalkisMR said...

congratulation may!! u just gave a very unique name for your baby. Happy star trek family!!

Anonymous said...

Dr Ng is really great. My daughter was delivered by him too - this May. But I never got him a thankyou gift. You were very considerate.:)