Sunday, April 11, 2010

My 20 years old string back bag

This is one of my favourites string back bag that I have made back in 1990. That was 20 years ago, time flies. In 1990, I was studied in Standard 6 (12 years old), sitting for my UPSR exam. Living in the small town of Perak - Teluk Intan, I cycle to school every day. My school is just 2km from my house. Hah… I miss those days.
At age of 12, I have learnt to use sewing machine (very old model machine). All my school bags, tuition bags, art class bags were handmade. My parents have never bought a school bag for me before in my entire schooling from Primary to Secondary and High School.

I am so proud of my mom’s handmade bags. I wish I could have captured all my school bags in photo at that time. But back in 90’s especially in my hometown, not many people can effort to buy camera. If the person owns a camera, the person would consider as ‘rich’ man.

These photos were taken in year 2008. The bag is still in good condition after 18 years. See the DMC floss, the colour remain unchanged. I try to find the charts recently but I can’t remember where I kept it. I guess I might have lost it after so many years. I recall this book came with many different designs/charts of a pair of little boy and girl. I remember one of the charts (besides this one) is a little boy holds an umbrella with a little girl looking at the rainbow.

I am searching for this book/these charts. Does anyone know how/where I can buy the same book/charts? Appreciate if you can drop me an email/write at my blog comment if you have the details of the book/charts that I have described. I keep my fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

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maklongon9shoppe said...

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Linda said...

It is such a cute pattern. How lovely it is to have something stitched from when you were young.

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Anonymous said...


i find most of my charts in YIk Foong Ipoh.
Maybe you can try finding your chart from there.
There is this shop in LG. Can't remember the name of the lady despite 20 years i've been buying from her. *shame*
She has a fairly dark complexion, everyone would know her after so many years she's there with her husband.

Russell @ Acoustic Guitar Strings said...

Few years back my wife and I been to Teluk Intan for a short stay. We tasted one of the exciting food in Malaysia, the satay! :-)

SeokMay said...


Satay... mmm yummy. There are lots of local delicacy like Chee Cheong Fun (white steam flour that stuff with fried turnip, roastered meat, and shrimp), Mee Rojak (noodle), Heong Pia (pastry with caramel inside), you must try when your next trip to Teluk Intan.


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