Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cross Stitch Alphabet Baby Animals A-Z

I have not think of what should I do with these Charts that I made. Should I make it a blanket for my Son or a bedsheet cover?

I always curious and wanted to know is it a good idea to make it a windows curtain, will the threads colour fading off one day?

Does anyone has better idea to share?


liuwanrou said...

Hi, I'm WanRou from Kuching. I'd suggest you join the 26 alphabets and make it into a quilt for your boy. I did that 4 years ago for my eldest son. He is still using the alphabet blanket and bringing it around.

balkhis said...

yes yes yes...make it into quilt... wonder if i had the time and energy to work on this... but somehow i'd be greatful if u can share with me the charts... i'm pregnant now so everything about kid's stuff catch my attention...tq in advance.