Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where to shop for Cross Stitch materials (Malaysia)

Some of my cross stitch friends asked why I have not been updating my blog since Jan 09. Reason being...

1. I have just moved into my new house in April, and we finally settle down last month
2. I am too occupied with my little girl - Seven Si :) She is coming to 7 months in this 17 Aug. Hah... she needs lots of attention.

3. My husband and I had just finish organized 4 internal treasure hunt events consecutively in the past three months. Extremely exhausted.

4. I have just recovered from Dengue Fever a month ago. Still feeling the pain in all part of my bone joints.
After all the above, now I finally have myself organized.

Lately I have received few requests asking where to procure Cross Stitch stuffs like DMC floss, fabric, charts, and so on.

As you can read some of the comments in my Chat Space (on the right panel). That’s gave me the inspiration to share this valuable info with all the Cross Stitching lovers out there, especially those who stay in Klang Valley, ‘where to shop for Cross Stitch materials’.

Here are those I commonly visit (in no particular order). Feel free to share with me yours favorite shop, and keep the list expending.

Klang Valley & Selangor
Habby & Wool Craft
Ampang Park

Pusat Kraftangan Ann
No 14, Jalan Puteri 5/1
Bandar Puteri Puchong

Flowergirl Sdn. Bhd.
125. Jln.SS21/37,
Damasara Utama, Selangor,
Phone : 03 7725 8626

Mayfair Handicraft
29 Jalan USJ 10-1E
Taipan Triangle
Subang Jaya

PKNS Bangi

Danga Bay or Angsana


Anonymous said...

Hi... really nice to find a blog about Cross Stitch by Malaysian. Inspired by you I started a blog today...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I discovered your blog since February 2009 and never see your post again until today. So happy that you blog again. My name is Vinniey and from Petaling Jaya.

Here is another craft shop that you can add into your shopping list:
Yee Button Sdn Bhd
33, Jalan SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

They have many imported craft projects.

Hope you are doing fine now. I have had dengue fever too years ago. :)

Anonymous said...

Now "Yee Botton" has already changed name to "Craft World".

Sandy said...

Oh hi! Just to share with you and everyone else 3 more craft stores around town:

1) Jet Sun Trading
LG 041, Sg Wang Plaza, KL
(Same row as Vincci, towards the end of the row of shops)

2) (Name unknown)
GF, Pudu Plaza, KL
(Somewhere near/behind King's Confectionery)

3) (Name unknown)
Off Jln Sg Besi near Pudu
(On the way to Jln San Peng, next to a vegetarian restaurant. The side of the shop facing the Champion Club i.e. the former Fajar supermarket; and opposite a corner motorcycle shop)

Sorry, I think my descriptions are kinda bad but these some of the craft stores near me that I know of. I normally buy my supplies from the one in Sg. Wang Plaza. They have knitting classes too :)

Not sure if (2) is still in business though, haven't been there for quite a while. As for (3), I only saw it like a couple of weeks ago when I passed by the place. Guess they're still new. Didn't go in to see what they have to offer though.

But I wonder, it's kinda hard to find plastic canvas supplies. Any chance you ladies could help?

SeokMay said...

Thanks Sandy for the wonderful info about places to get the cross stitch supplier around Pudu area. I seldom go there, but have been to the Sg Wang store once. Good place.

Hah, if you ever remember the shops name, do update me, ya.

About the plastic canvas, I couldn't agree with you more. I have been searching high and low for the plastic canvas in all the craft shops around Klang valley, but no luck.

Finally, I ordered through internet (online). Worth it!

Jayne said...

How much does the bandar Puteri outlet sell 1 metre of 14-count Aida for? I've been desperately looking for 14 count Aida at affordable price. Aih..

SeokMay said...

Hi Jayne,

The DMC Aida 14 count is selling for RM48 per meter at Knit N Craft Centre, Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

As you are saying you wanted to find the Aida 14 count at affordable price, would you mind to share with me your estimate price?

I still have a few spare new Aida 14 counts that I have not used. Not sure if you would like to have it... if you just want a small piece, I do not mind to share/post it with you.


Candy said...

Hi May,

I love your blog. I must say you inspired me.

Thanks a lot. We just moved here in Malaysia and i am loving it so far ;o)

SeokMay said...

Hi Candy, welcome to the cross stitch world!! I'm so glad to know that someone like you would love my blog and it inspired you to start blogging. Your review really means a lot :-) Thank you!

Well done Candy, you did great on your first blog. I love it especially your "Fairy Flora". Wow, I can't wait to see the finish.

Also, congratulation from me to you and your hubby. You both look so lovely. I wish you a wonderful life together...

Really happy to know someone that share the same passion with me.

Btw, if you can't find the "kreinik gold blending filament" from Sg Wang, perhaps you may want to try in Ampang Park shop (Haby & Wool). It is so close to where you are staying now. Just take the Putra line LRT from KLCC to Ampang, it takes you less then 5 mins to reach there..

Good luck!

Candy said...

Hi May,

Thank you for your warm wishes. Im glad you like my Fairy Flora. Im almost done with it. Just a small touches of kreinik blending filament on her wings. Im so excited to finish and frame it. Oh and thank you for your help, as soon as I get back to Malaysia, I will go to Ampang Park to find my missing piece.hehehe

We surely are sharing the same passion. How about a get together one day if you are not busy? I would love to see you in person :o)

janetw said...

Hai Seok May,

I'm Janet from Petaling Jaya. I really love your works and very interest to learn.

Where should I start and what are things do i need ?

Anonymous said...

hi, nice to browse through ur blog,
i have been looking for the plastic type canvas too
u mentioned u order it online, may i know the source?

SeokMay said...

Hi Janet,

Happy to hear from you.

It is always nice to hear someone loves Cross Stitch and would like to pick up as their hobby.

Where should I start and what are things do i need?
- you can start by learning the basic of Cross Stitch from any Cross Stitch magazine. In the magazine, you will find tips and techniques how to cross stitching. Once you are ready, you can buy a cross stitch kits which comes with chart, floss, needle, fabric(always start with small design)

As a beginner, here is a good video to learn how to cross stitch in minutes -


SeokMay said...

Hi there,

Lately I bought a few plastic cannvas from Sharifah (from Kajang)via ebay. Maybe you can contact her ( if she still have more to sell.

Normally, I place order from Internet online. There are a couple of shops that I always purchase my stuffs from - & Love their service.


Sally said...

Hi SeokMay,

I am very interested in the cross stitch book by Leisure Art 50 Garden minis inspired by scriptures. Where/How can I buy this & how much does it cost?

Appreciate if you could revert

Thank you.

SeokMay said...

Hi Sally,

So sorry for the late reply. My PC was infected with seroius viruses, just managed to recover yesterday.

About the 50 Garden Minis published by Leisure Arts, I bought it quite sometimes ago. If I remember correctly, it has more than 6 years.

I bought it from Haby & Wools in Ampang Park at RM22.

You can also get it from Amazon -

or you might want to try some online store (i have done a few transactions with them before, it is safe and the service/delivery was good). Send your request to ( if they still have the stock.


Samantha said...

hello dear,

i'm new to buying cross stitching product online. I bought 2 products from Sewandso UK since 22 sep & havent receive anything yet.

Have you ever purchase from Sewandso & how do they deliver the product? I received email from Sewandso saying they deliver using the Royal Mail & Royal Mail say they couldnt trace anything once the parcel left UK.

Really appreciate your comment on this.

SeokMay said...

Hi Samantha

How is your Purchase Order with Sewandso UK, have you recieved it already?

I make a few purchase from Sewandso, and I have received all safe and sound. It took about 2-3 weeks the entire process.

Yes, normally the online shop will deliver using normal mail like the Royal Mail, etc. There is no tracking no./code.

Usually I use my company address instead of home address... I trust most of the online shop especially those creditable one, the one that I least trust is our local mail services.

It happen to me many time in the past that my package has already opened by someone when the post delivered to me (with my home address)... missing items, etc. That's very common.

But it never happen when I use my company address...
.... this is Malaysia.

Ida Gul said...

I would like to recommend my online store :) We've moved to Msia from Singapore and now offering free shipping to Malaysia as well online banking via Maybank.

So far its been great being here and our Msian friends are thrilled to have us close by. We bring in everything from US, Netherlands, Thailand, France and UK but without the crazy price tags.

shopaholic bitch said...

Hi SeokMay,

May i ask where i can i buy the cross stitch kit? If in the future i have enquiries regarding cross stitch can i ask you if i cannot find in your blog? And i wish to add you in


cassy said...

Hi SeokMay
I'm looking for a red chart #520, this is quite an old design, it is a scenery view which has a pond beside a park with a few wearing blue & maroon long gown ladies stroll in the park, & faraway at the back is a castle. I have been looking up & down every where for this design, see if anybody know about where I can get it, thank you very much

Jennifer said...

Hi, SeokMay
I was searching shops that sell perforated paper in Malaysia for my x-stitch projects.... and found your blog.
You have definitely inspired me - Thank You!! Keep it up! Cheers...

MaRdHatILLah(Fatahiyyah) said...

hi..nice to meet you
nice blog and a lot of information. i'm the new one to join the cross stitch world..heheh

silverline said...

thanks for sharing May....really appreciate it.

Sandy said...

Hi May,

Here's the updated addresses for you:

1) Kam Seng Handicraft Centre
U-B4, Jalan Landak, Pudu Plaza,
Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21420859
H/P: 012-2542010

2) Teck Li Supplies
17, Jln Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-92239828
H/P: 019-6649288
(I wanted to go there earlier, but it was not open, maybe still on CNY holiday. I suppose they're still in business)


maggie said...

hi may..
I'm looking for DMC aida 18 count. Can anyone let me know where I can buy it..

Anonymous said...

Hi May
Knit N Craft Centre (formerly known as Pusat Kraftangan Ann Branch)
been moved to new locations as:

Giant Superstore Bandar Puteri,
1st Floor, S-07,
No. 7 Jalan Puteri 1/1
Bandar Puteri
41700 Puchong

Contract Person : 012-5631003 Mr.Tan
Business Hour : 10am-9.30pm open for 7 working days
Effective on : 01.10.2011
Keep as your info and update on your blogs.

Mum's Quilt said...

Hi, just a quick question. How much does the DMC stranded thread cost at those places mentioned in the post? Im considering buying it online from overseas if its expensive in Malaysia.

Unknown said...

I need some help to choose the 18ct aida fabric from DMC and Zweigart brand.

A shop seller told me that DMC is not 100% cotton and Zweigart is 100% cotton. Which one is better quality to buy and price range?
Please advise
Thank you very much.

Kristina said...

As of June 2014 this shop is still open though not so many cross stitch charts to choose from, they do have DOC floss

Kam Seng Handicraft Centre
U-B4, Jalan Landak, Pudu Plaza,
Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21420859
H/P: 012-2542010

Teck Li Supplies
17, Jln Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-92239828
H/P: 019-6649288

This shop does not have any cross stitch supplies, you need to go to his other shop:

Teck Li Handicrafts
No. 81G Jalan Radin Tents
Zone J4
Bandar Sri Petaling
57000 KL

Phoe Liau said...

Hi to everyone , did anyone know where can I do the picture convert service ?
Many thanks