Saturday, September 12, 2009

'A Row of Love' - sneak peek

A sneak peek of my half way through project - 'A row of Love' from Dimension. I fall in love with this chart when I first saw it on the Internet back in 2001.
My little workspace for cross stitching

Look at the date of the receipt, it was Nov 2001. Wow....a long 8 years I have kept it in the box. And only now I decided to stitch it when I gave birth to my daughter, Seven Si.

2001 was a memorable year for me. It was the year that I
- became a Christian and baptised in Church
- married to my lovely husband and moved into our first new house
- bought my first car and today the car is still with me :) It works perfectly
- got my first job, my first salary
- first time participated in public motor Treasure Hunt, and won lucky draws (hunting only 2 of us - my husband and myself)

Today, I have blessed with 2 beautiful child; 1 boy and 1 girl.

Thank you God for all that I have received from you and most of all, that I know I am never alone, for You are always here beside me, in my heart. And, not forgotten to my husband, thank you.


Joey Wong said...

Beautiful kids and beautiful kit... Always love Dimension Kit. It comes with nice fabric and even nicer color thread... so sharp. The more color you stitch on the more you wanna work on it. I usually work one color at a time and seeing more & more color and the design appearing... so satisfying.

SeokMay said...

Thanks Joey. Ya, God gave me a pair of beautiful and lovely kids. Honestly, they are the one who give me the inspiration and motivation to stitch more.

Could not agree with you more that Dimension Kits are so resistable. The finish looks so real (no back stitch at all).

I am so addicted with Dimension Kit and am looking forward (my wish list) to purchase another Dimention Kit (online) - Butterfly Forest.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. Your baby girl is so cute. I love Dimension kits too. There are a long list of Dimensions kits that i wish to buy and "A Row of Love" is one of the item.

Anonymous said...

thank you for putting 1-2-3 Stitch link onto your blog, it gave me the opportunity to discover a new online shopping site. I had place some orders from them last week, hope I will receive the parcel within this week, really can't wait to see my cross stitch patterns and accessories to arrive at my doorstep.

Stitching@HLR said...

This one is beautiful. I also have a bunch of Dimension Kits in my drawers.
Keep going! This really looks great!

Kartika Sari Kurniawan said...

Hai there, i also doing the same pattern with you,

can you help me to send the color symbol of the a row of love to me..

Please please please.

send me to

i really appreciate your help, because i already in halfway to done it, and i lost the paper showing the color symbol.

Thank you