Friday, April 9, 2010

Double Happiness Chart

This is another design from me ‘Double Happiness’. This chart is suitable for those who are getting married or a gift to bride/groom. Alternately, you can also stitch this as wedding sampler. What you need to do is just stitch the couple name, date of marriage below the ‘Double Happiness’ chart. Tang tang, an Oriental Wedding Sampler :)

You can either stitch in Red, Gold or Silver, other colours are less preferred. However, if you love to stitch using Black floss, I would suggest you choose Red fabric as the background.

For those who maybe new, and wish to know more about ‘Double Happiness’, I have a simple write up below to share.

Double Happiness (shuāng xǐ) a.k.a. Double Joy is commonly used as a decoration associated with Chinese wedding ceremony. The symbol of ‘Double Happiness’ is something that cannot be missed during a Chinese wedding- whether it may be a traditional one or the modern wedding ceremony. It is also means that the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be will now be united/’together’.
You will often find this special character appears all over the wedding ceremony – invitation cards, guest book, red packets/envelopes, wedding cake, gifts to bride and groom, on every walls/doors, pillows, lanterns, tea sets, at the wedding venues – the couple house, the couple parent house, and restaurant. The colour of the character is commonly red; however you may find some in gold or silver.


Anonymous said...

hi May,

Your design of 'siong hei' is so beautiful!

Love it.


Kel said...

Hello, I am wondering if you are sewing the double happiness to sell. My husband and I are looking for 1 but are not able to find any in Singapore.

Do let me know if you sell your cross stitch.

Thank you.


Kel said...

Oh please email me back at

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I would like a pattern for a wedding sampler with the double happiness symbol - do you have?

Thank you!