Sunday, September 26, 2010

Need help - humphrey's corner clock kit HC07

One of my blog readers contacted me seeking for help to find the above chart. Apparently, when she check with the supplier, she came to know that this chart/product has been discontinued.

A promise to her son that she will stitch this Corner Clock to him, and now she might not be able to fulfill her son wish.

Anyone who is reading this know where to get this chart or have the chart with you, much appreciate if you would contact Siew Choo and guide her how and where to buy this chart.

Many thanks.


Vinniey said...

Hi May, sorry that I can't help you on the search of humphrey's corner clock kit. For your information, I brought the Japanese crochet magazine at Mayfair Handicraft shop Subang Taipan branch. They do online shopping too.

I hope you can find your magazines from their website.

Have a nice day, May.

SeokMay said...

Thanks Vinniey. I have visited Mayfair Handicraft online shop, and placed an order for 3 Crochet books. I am so excited, can't wait to start my project.

Thanks again. Cheers.