Thursday, June 23, 2011

Anchor vs DMC - where and how much

Eelaine Boo: hi, does anyone know where can i get Anchor threads in KL area?

May: Eelaine, nowadays it is quite hard to find a shop that selling Anchor threads. You might want to try Craft World in SS2. If worst come to worst, you probably want to drive up to Penang to visit Rewon Cottage. But before you go, give them a call and check if they do have Anchor threads in the shop : 04-3975055.

In my personal opinion, i do not suggest mixing of DMC and Anchor in one design.. it just looks funny. Anyone would like to comment/share your experience?


Melanie said...

Hi, You may try to look for the thread at May Craft
I enquire them about the availability of the Anchor thread before but my apology I can't recall how much is the price perhaps you may try to call them with the number provided in the website

Eelaine said...

thanks melanie but according to their website, they don't carry anchor threads ):

however, i tried using the conversion chart from anchor to dmc. will see how it goes once it's completed!

thanks seokmay!

Yoon said...

Hi May, its easy to buy Anchor thread from craftworld. Just email the floss number that you'd like to purchase to or you could also call them at 0378770072. I bought Anchor threads for my project few months ago and the price is RM1.30 per skein which costs much less than DMC. And according to my experience, the conversion chart is not accurate at all...