Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Birth Sampler with DIY frame

Finished this design for quite some time ago. However, did not managed to frame it, until last week went to Ikea, and found this lovely frame. Coincidentally, the design fit into the frame perfectly.

After framed, I looked at the wooden frame for quite a while... hmm... its purely white. I was contemplating whether to keep it white, and should I put some colour on it.... And somehow, I unconsciously started painting on the frame using cotton buds.

First I started with red flowers, then a blue sky. Next sun ray and birds in the blue sky.

A bird house, kites, red button mushroom and rocks...

Tang tang, my final masterpiece

Should I just keep the frame the original white?


Mangogirl said...

I love what you've done with that frame! the only problem is it does take away from the cross stitch. It depends whether you mind that the frame is as much the art as the cross stitch.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Its a awesome work u hv done...love the work done on the frame... I really like the forever friends birth sampler..I wish I can do 1 for my new born baby gal .. Do you mind share with me the chart or whr u get it .. I hv search forever friends chart for so long...bt couldn't find it. Thank you... Kindly looking forward frm you .. Tq..


Highland Monkey's said...

You have your own unique present. I think it looks nice.

mg said...

Your DIY frame is so beautiful. I just had to comment on it. :)

SeokMay said...


I happy to share with you the forever friends birth sampler chart. Would you send me your email address or drop me an email at seokmay@gmail.com?

Sashirekha said...

Hi seek may ..

Thank you for your willingness to share the ff chart.. My email id : rsashi_85@yahoo.com