Monday, July 11, 2011

A pair of geese

Coming up project, feathered friends.

I have not tried any design like ducks, ducklings, roosters, chicks, hen, goose, or any farm animals. So far, all I stitch is bears, dogs, flowers, baby and children designs. But after I met Micky, saw some of her projects... especially the 'Apple Orchard'... it amazing.

From there onwards, I am so obsessed with goose, and rooster. Here you go... my first feathered friends; a pair of geese.

This design was taken from Sue Cook's Bumper Cross Stitch Collection.
I extracted part of 'April' chart, readjusted the fence position, and colours to fit into my frame size,

.. there is another part of the story for the photo frame...

When to Cash Converter last week and got some nice wooden frames... Surprisingly I found 15cm X 15cm wooden frame with glass frame not 1 but 4 for only RM5. Without hesitation, I bought all of them. Happily I have 12 wonderful wooded frame going home that day for only RM15. Amazing...


Aisyah Helga said...

Very cute! I adore ducks & gooses in x-stitch! How lucky for you to get those frames so cheaply!

Highland Monkey's said...

I like the way you have picked out just part of design to fit your frame. I'm also a fan of ducks/hens etc.

Tsung Mien said...

I love the way you frame your XS pieces. I actually have lots of finished pieces that I want framed but I don't know where to find a good framer in PJ/KL. I would really appreciate if you could email me if you know.
Thank you!

SeokMay said...

Tsung Mien,

I don't really have any particular frame shop to frame. In fact I am still seaching for a shop that willing to custome make the border with design. Most of the shops are not willing to do that... they claim too much of work for little profit margin. Sigh...

Ended up, I just bought ready frame and frame it myself (for small project). For those big project, I just went to the nearest frame shop from my house (nothing special or to shout about)

If you do find one, please share with me :)


Grace said...

May I know where do you get the small frames? Can I have the address?
Thank you very much~