Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goose... flowers, fruits from my garden

This design was taken from 'Mini Scriptures' from Praying Hands. Bought this since 2002. This is the first project from this book after keeping it for 10 years.
As usual, I will have to do some changes to the design to fit into my little frame. Here is what I have removed; the yellow sun (somehow it looks weired that the yellow sun seems appeared from nowhere). 2 flowers that hold by the goose. Backstitch from bunch of flowers that hold up in the little girl apron.

Cut out the red border, and finished with my little frame. Another project of goose design. 

Cross stitch is my therapy tool when I feel stressed and depressed. Every stitch i made, it lighten up my emotion stress. Besides cross stitching, I love gardening. It always nice to see flowers blooming and able to harvest fruits from my own garden. They are all 100% organic. 

Rare wild orchid in my garden. The first time when I saw this plant (it was just leave without flower) in the nursery, it did not impressed me at all. However, the gardener told me that this is not a common plant, it was brought all the way deep in the rain forest from East Malaysia and it bloom only once in a year. After having it for 2 1/2 years... finally it blooms. See the beautiful pink and purple little flowers sit between the pink patels, how gorgeous...2nd picture was taken a week later from the 1st picture.
My first passion fruit. I wonder how it is going to taste like, would it be sour or sweet...


shogun_na said...

nice one... Me too...When im stressed, doing CS really cool me down... ;) But i dont like a lazy gardener...

szusee said...

I love your blog so much...May i know where to get the nice and suitable frame for the completed cross stitch?


can you do cross stitch form a real picture of a person..a portrait?

SeokMay said...


Yes, you can transform a real picture or photo to cross stitching patttern using software like PC Stitch, and other online application/tool.

You can try

and many more.

Just google 'Convert photo to cross stitch pattern'