Saturday, September 3, 2011

Panda - symbol of peace

This design was taken from D&C Oriental Odyssey.
In order to fit the design into the ready frame, I have to change the design slightly from rectangle to square. To make the Panda stand out, I decided to remove all the background, leaving only 2 bamboos that holds by Panda and added the word 'Peace' (pronounce as Aun in Mandarin). See the difference in the picture below.
The reason I chose Panda and the word 'Peace' because Pandas gives me a feeling of cute and cuddling in appearance yet they are very strong. Chinese describes Panda as an invincible animal, as strong as a tiger. Panda thought to be a gentle animal, as it was never observed to hurt man or beast. To this day, Panda continue to be a symbol of peace. Guess what, Aun was also my father last name... stitched the word Aun in the memories of him.

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Precious Crafts said...

You really got a great deal there - RM15 for 12 frames! And so many projects! I really admire the round blue border on the geese frame! Can u share with us how you did the cutting out?